Corporate Social Responsibility




Message from the General Manager

At Mutual Marketplace, we take our corporate social responsibility seriously, and as the leading procurement company supporting the credit union sector, we know all too well that we operate as an extension of member-based financial institutions. This is why we took the first step in formalising the decisions we make about how we work, travel and manage consumption to help shape our environment and communities positively. As we grow as a business, we will take responsibility and a leading role in decisions and actions that will leave this world a better place.

Fundamental to our position on corporate social responsibility is the four key pillars that underpin our focus and the work completed to positively impact the environment, social justice, education, and modern slavery.

For Mutual Marketplace, having a Corporate Social Responsibility policy is not just about creating greener opportunities to ensure a sustainable future. We’re taking it a step further with a holistic approach to CSR that will encompass our people, customers, and suppliers.


CSR Philosophy

Mutual Marketplace believes in a better future for everyone. As we advance and grow as a leading company in the procurement sector, we will harness the power of our people and influence to introduce changes that contribute to the overall well-being, environmental sustainability, and social betterment of our society.

Through four key pillars, we will continue to work diligently to create a culture of change. We’ve aligned these four pillars to our brand values of Transparency, Happiness, Challenge and Make It Easy.

The four pillars of our CSR policy are:

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Modern Slavery
  • Social Justice and
  • Education

We are an organisation that values our people. Mutual Marketplace recognises the absolute human right to live free, live well, and to live with purpose. Our CSR policy empowers our employees to live this ethos every day, encourage it in others and deliver it for the communities we support through our work.


Our people

Mutual Marketplace recognises that our people will be the driving force behind creating a culture of change regarding implementing any CSR strategy. A small number of team members have volunteered to create and represent the other team members on a CSR committee.

This committee will maintain its accountability and momentum by meeting quarterly to discuss the CSR focus for the organisation. To further support the CSR policy, the wider team will be formally offered one volunteering day a year to participate in group volunteering activities, equating to (approximately) 200 volunteering hours.

Mutual Marketplace will then offer individual volunteering opportunities, which align with the CSR strategy, outside of business hours.



Transparency and accountability are key to Mutual Marketplaces trusted reputation with its customers. As with our compliance in other areas, such as APRA Prudential Standards, Mutual Marketplace will make an ongoing commitment to the good governance of its CSR strategy.

The General Manager is accountable to Mutual Marketplaces Board of Directors, and each employee is responsible and accountable for the successful implementation of this strategy.

As well as regular communication on the progress of our programs in the four pillars, Mutual Marketplace will commit to the following reporting measures.

These will include but not be limited to:

  • Quarterly meetings of the CSR committee
  • Monthly updates from the GM to employees
  • Quarterly reporting to the Board on performance
  • An annual review of the policy and giving programs, partners, and impact will be presented to stakeholders as part of our annual report.