Procurement Service

Procurement Service

Experience a 360 procure-to-pay transformation with Mutual Marketplace’s P2P outsourcing services. Complete with market-leading technologies and practical consulting, we help mutuals eliminate laborious P2P tasks so that they can focus on other areas of growth.

Investing in technology-led solutions, we provide P2P services that streamline procurement, minimise risks and generate savings – at the same time maintaining organisational compliance.

Dare to Transform Procurement with Mutual Marketplace

Catering for various financial services, Mutual Marketplace has a deep understanding of the procure-to-pay processes in the financial sector. Our team of procurement specialists provide intelligent solutions built on these requirements. Our approach combines best practices with digital technology and analytics to streamline procurement operations and meet expected business outcomes.

Procurement Operations

We provide end-to-end procurement solutions allowing you to free up your working capital to accommodate more productive activities. Our specialists provide solutions to optimise all your purchasing processes, from requisition to managing contracts. With our team of specialists, we gain a complete understanding of each organisation’s procurement requirements and understand category-specific nuances affecting P2P.

Through our consulting and technologies, we help organisations enhance internal controls and increase efficiency. Whether you require savings-focused services or operations-focused services, our procurement specialists deliver:

  • Digital procurement transformation
  • Partial to full procurement outsourcing
  • Procurement software
  • Procurement support services

Accounts Payable

Like purchasing, accounts payable (AP) is evolving into a strategic function. Many organisations are considering how to improve AP processes to optimise working capital, enable greater savings and strengthen relationships with suppliers.

At Mutual Marketplace, we help partners optimise their accounts payable process to improve speed and efficiency, lower costs, create advantageous relationships with suppliers and maximise opportunities for rebates. We also identify and manage invoice exceptions and errors and work with your contractors to resolve and expedite payments.

  • Invoice processing
  • Invoice exception management
  • Invoice matching
  • Payment processing
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Supplier rebates

Spend Analysis

We help clients identify ways to realise savings every year. Our team has extensive experience and specialised expertise in providing mutuals with comprehensive spend analyses and recommendations.

We start with organising data, cleansing, validating and classifying information across disparate systems. With procurement specialists of high calibre, we can understand your purchase history, aggregate suppliers and create for you a strategic sourcing roadmap for increased savings and easy-to-manage spend categories.

  • Data collection
  • Data cleansing
  • Category management
  • Identification of actionable opportunities
  • Creation of a Strategic sourcing roadmap

Free Your Organisation from Procurement Troubles

Mutual Marketplace gives credit unions an opportunity to tap into skilled resources as well as market-leading procurement technologies. Our procurement specialists can help your procurement team with challenges they haven’t encountered yet or challenges that are yet to be resolved. We also work with organisations that wish to run leaner procurement teams or have no procurement teams at all.

  • Streamline Procurement Productivity

In Mutual Marketplace, you will find a business partner who aligns its services to your goals. Beyond our technologies, we have an integrated and strategic approach to procurement and use category management to identify opportunities and eliminate or lessen as many challenges as possible.

  • Keep Pace with Today’s Challenges

Working with our procurement team and having access to our technologies empower your organisation to adapt to change more quickly. With full outsourcing, your team will not have to undergo retraining; with software outsourcing, we can provide you with support.

  • Access Bigger Buying Power

Choosing Mutual Marketplace gives you access to our network of trusted contractors. Through our connection, you will have better product and service quality at more accessible rates without having to set up a separate department in your organisation.

  • Lower Your Costs

We help our partners find ways to cut down costs and get more value for their spend. Through optimising P2P, purchasing cycles are significantly shortened and we maximise opportunities to claim rebates. The need for recruitment can also be lessened and you pay for procurement services as needed.

  • Access Specialised Procurement Expertise

Our team has the expertise to help organisations analyse their spend, identify key metrics to deliver savings and manage customer demand. We also lend our expertise to manage risks and foster stronger relationships with vendors for better product and service delivery at advantageous rates.

  • Focus on Your Organisation and Its Members

Mutual Marketplace’s purchasing experts work to improve the P2P process, enabling our partners to focus on their core operations. Your procurement specialists can concentrate on more important spends or find ways to get more value from spends for greater savings.

  • Choose Level of Control

Our services are flexible and adjustable to your needs. You can choose how much of your procurement process to outsource. We can take over the entire procurement process, handle non-core spend only or arrange for something in between.

Why Mutual Marketplace?

Mutual Marketplace provides specialist sourcing services for the financial services sector. We envision enhancing partners’ procurement outcomes to empower them to focus their skills and resources on helping members achieve their business objectives.

In short, we don’t exist to make a profit. We exist to help Australia’s mutual sector flourish.

  • Value-added services

From analytics to process improvements, we provide partners with a wide range of value-added services. We employ some of the most experienced procurement specialists in Australia and invest in industry-leading technologies so that you no longer have to.

  • Technology Upgrade

We invest in technology-driven solutions. Our software vendors are industry-leading software enterprises, namely TechnologyOne and ServiceNow. Our team are experts in the execution of our technologies and are trained to make it easy for your team to make the transition.

  • Minimise risks

Our work towards optimising your procurement process goes hand in hand with minimising risks. We help organisations improve organisational compliance, minimise contract risks, catch faulty accounting on time and more.

Transform Your Procurement Process

Mutual Marketplace provides end-to-end solutions for the most nuanced procurement processes. Let our team know your current challenges and what you want to achieve, and we’ll provide you with practical and innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

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