Improving Lives Through Effective Procurement Solutions

Mutual Marketplace is committed to being a centre of procurement excellence.

We are driven to growing our partners’ businesses through more intelligent buying decisions.

Jointly owned by Credit Union Australia and People’s Choice Credit Union, Mutual Marketplace provides professional source-to-pay services to the mutual sector. Our vision is to deliver enhanced procurement outcomes to make our credit unions more cost efficient, allowing them to focus their energy on helping members achieve their financial aspirations.

Credit unions are founded on the principle that we achieve more together than we can alone, and Mutual Marketplace is a continuation of that ethos. Mutual Marketplace doesn’t just make great business sense; it embodies the purity of purpose of cooperative financial services.

What We Do

Mutual Marketplace is a procurement centre of excellence that delivers source-to-pay services and supports cooperative financial institutions through sourcing activities. We also provide spend insights and benchmarking of key metrics to deliver savings and improve demand management for our customers. We aim to reduce contract risk through our monitoring contract service delivery and compliance as well as invoice processing, exception management and payment reconciliations. Our strategic approach to category management will help deliver market insights and identify category opportunities and best practice solutions for our customers.

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Client Benefits

Save time & money

Saves you time & money

Access expert knowledge

Access expert knowledge

Minimise Risk

Minimises risk

Improve outcomes

Improved outcomes

Streamlines operations

Streamlines operations & efficiencies

Access to bigger power

Access to bigger buying power, getting you better deals and services

Reduce administration

Reduces administration and paperwork

Increase capacity

Increases capacity

Full end-to-end service

Full end-to-end service

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How we do it

Mutual Marketplace delivers practical solutions across the procurement process. Our source-to-pay (S2P) and procure-to-pay (P2P) services streamline purchasing procedures, giving your team more time and resources to focus on your members.

We observe best practices that yield positive results and increase operational savings by eliminating redundant expenditure and observing cost efficiency across the board. You’ll be able to leverage GST discounts, as well.

Through the implementation of key tools and best practice methodologies we provide customer service via:

Technology One


Our Source-to-Pay system that allows an efficient shopping cart experience in procuring and paying for goods and services. It streamlines all segments of the purchasing process, from sourcing suppliers and comparing prices to invoicing and settling accounts payables.

Service Now


Our workflow tool that provides transparency and reporting capability on the status of requests from multiple customers. This system allows an end user to request services from Mutual Marketplace in a standardised way.

Category Management

Category Management

Our approach is a dynamic procurement services built on an industry service standard. Our approach to procurement is based around a proactive, customer-aligned approach that is driven by a category strategy aligned to the goals of our customers.

With higher savings and returns, your organisation will be able to offer better services and financial products to your members.

Integrate these smart business strategies to bolster your cooperative’s financial success. Get in touch with Mutual Marketplace today to get started.


When looking for a partner in procurement services, we look for
value for money and reliability of service.

Mutual Marketplace is a delight to deal with. They are very fast, knowledgeable and effective. They helped us secure a very cost-effective price.

Throughout the process, we felt we were in safe hands and did not need to follow them up.

I would be happy to recommend Mutual Marketplace for procurement services.

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- David Bacon

Head of Human Resources
People's Choice Credit Union.

CUA’s Corporate Affairs and Community team went out to market in 2017 for enhanced media monitoring services to ensure we’re capturing conversations and coverage across all media channels, not simply the traditional media we’ve kept an eye on in the past.

Mutual Marketplace guided us through the process at every stage from setting up our bid brief and reviewing the applicants to shortlisting and negotiating and finalising a contract.

Mutual Marketplace kept us updated at every step along the way and negotiated a competitive two-year deal for us with a new provider. We are considering reviewing further suppliers in 2018 and will definitely use Mutual Marketplace again because the process worked so well for us.


- Anne Syvret

Head of Public Affairs, CUA